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подождите пожалуйста...

yeah yeah yeah yeah
lalala lala la la

okay now that’s the sh-t i’m talking ’bout i’m far now
chapter 20 seems like i just lost a lot of friends now
all my friends are dead yeah, this ain’t no xo life nah
wallets full of money and i got a brand new squad now

they say i might need help, i got crazy with the drugs that i’m on now
i don’t need advice, i got my money and my squad now
only thing i’m addicted to is the hustle and the p-ssion
f-ck fashion, i used to be so broke but at least
i got a vision

people change like seasons
they might have a good reason
i don’t look for excuses
imma keep on going
yes, i’m on
the game is on
i’m on my own
i’m strong
i hit the ground
but i got up
they’re wrong
to think i’m gon’
‘na stop, they’re wrong
i’m gon-na get what i want
and they won’t

oh wait a sec, stop
listen imma get it
none of this random
you better put a condom
’cause i was born, didn’t want to, but i won’t make the same mistake huh
living a life that i didn’t decide then i got a dream, i escaped huh

i don’t know what is right
but it feels so right
since you left my mind
my future became so d-mn bright

and i know where i’m headed
i got lotta things that i know you have always wanted
leave me when i’m broke
never come back when i made it
imma leave you like a tamagotchi
ghost and never say “i’m sorry”
they say life’s unfair
but it’s unfair for everybody
i don’t give a f-ck about a date, i got my story
i don’t post a lot these days ’cause i’m busy making history
only thing i’m matching now is (my) actions and ambitions
it’s not a fiction, there’s a friction between (my) reality and vision
and i swear to no religion
i respect every god and people’s imagination
there’s too many bad stuffs happening just like 9/11
the world’s not getting better we’re all still chasing freedom

i tryna balance seriousness and fun
oh my god, my life has just begun
i’m just making sure my sh-t is done
none of this success happened overnight

oh my god, where my grammys at
everything i do is for my mommy, right
respect all the mothers, you better treat them right
you got a lot of luck if can you listen to that
i won’t run away, run away, run away
chase the greatness, forget the fame or get the fame
you might lose your mind, many times, many times
but if you get up, you’ll be fine, you’ll be fine

and imma talk ’bout it
’cause music is my way to vent
so imma rap ’bout it
in every city that i go
yeah imma rep paris
even if paris let me go
i’m still gon’ rap ’bout it
yeah imma rep, rep, rep, rep

and now i see you call me
to tell me you’re sorry
i don’t talk to ghost, so i’m just gonna leave you hanging
i’m sorry, not sorry
don’t come ruin this party
i’m celebrating with my homies
turn up with my family

yeah yeah
lalala la la la
(i do it for my squad, i do it for my city, do it for my fam)
lalala la la la
yeah yeah
wow wow
(skrt skrt)
wow wow
lala lala
la la la la la

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