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Songtext von accept the new – theophilus london lyrics

подождите пожалуйста...

“accept the new”

you got to the point where you forgotten
everything that you once knew
the future happened so fast, your past
bursts up into shades of blue
don’t live in, don’t you live in fear my dear
just please accept the new
accept the new
accept the new

[verse 1:]
everything’s new, everything changes
every heart is the same even when your famous
ain’t nothin special bout it, but the payments
but at least the lease gets pay
and i’m drunk up in the haze
and the morning sings to me
how could i forget the trouble that it brings to me
the time of the “d” (day), the time of the year (year)
how long do we have?, how long could we bare?


[verse 2:]
when you wake up, and you made a choice
to puff your cigarette and you hear my voice
you know it’s to your heart, and it’s heaven sent
open the door, it’s my girl mary jane (hey!)
they say the morning rays could cut ya eyes out
they say the morning rays could cut ya eyes out
and this letter is to you in a pisces point of view
you could read it till your blue


“do not fear the digital world
it will not kill us all”


- theophilus london текст песни