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verse: gucci on my feet nah i’m lying these the three stripes, i’ve been getting heat since a youngin so don’t be nice, now i’m toting heat and this 30 it is not nice, you ain’t show no peace so don’t come round with no peace signs, louie on my feet nah i’m lying these the check signs, u a f*cking p*ssy u a p*ssy w just one life u a type a n*gga bring a knife to a gun fight, i’m the type of n*gga dodge the bullets hit u upright, oops i said it wrong i meant to say i’ll knock yo ass down, penny for ur thoughts u pennywise just like the it clown, saying i’m too loud ok fine i’ll just calm down, but this loud in my pocket is just something i can’t keep down, stay down, count it up to ten that’s a knock out, laid out, if u come back up then it’s lights out, surprise i don’t want no beef nah no five guys, surprise choppa like some chicken it gon popeyes, fe fi, fum i’m a giant to these n*ggas ay, i go dumb i’m like popeye on his spinach ay, n*gga u my son don’t u dare go disrespect me ay, 40 with a drum do a solo if u let me spray, tony stark i got the iron man, i fly like peter pan, i’m the type to hit a n*gga dawg i’m not a peta fan, i just came to beat the p*ssy up and say alveterzain, girl goodbye, i just booked a flight back to my mama house, i just got my first check boutta take my mama out, p*ssy ass n*ggas always wanna comment something now, u a old head old n*gga take ur comments out, n*gga stop ur chatting before i put it in ur daughter mouth, oh u ain’t expect a singing n*gga bring the n*gga out, i ain’t singing now but my tommy sound like bobby brown, u just lost ur mind, boy i found it in the lost and found, all of y’all who doubted better listen when u lhear me now, haitian baby n*gga choppa make u dance some compa, i never stay down nah mama raised a soldier, i just keep it calm deep breaths keep my composure, cause ik if i snap then mama would hunch over, like a hunch back, that’s ur b*tch but now she with me u can’t get ur b*tch back, they call me a clown n*gga cause i got a big mac, diamonds made me blind n*gga don’t know where my wrist at, i go pound for pound if u think we got a mismatch, if u mess w me you get the gang and that’s a big fact, i don’t want you talking bout my business u a big rat, i work out ur girl like la fitness now u big mad, don’t know why i give these hoes attention now i’m… now i’m big mad don’t know why i give these hoes attention now i’m big mad, going off the top you p*ssy n*ggas all just big mad

- therealextro текст песни