foundations – this concept текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...


i will always build my foundations
deeper and deeper to support myself from falling

my emotions are running wild
this supposed to make me happy
but all it does is break me down slowly
bring me down slowly

i will never be good enough in my eyes
but i can never tell you that

i’m shaking off
the feeling of doubt
my emotions are still running wild
but this time for the best

no longer am i broken down
but built up from my foundations

this is more than relation
this is obsession in it’s finest form
i’ll be strong minded
and lenient

cold hands
a warm heart
are all i’ll ever have

finally happy
you’ve brought out the best in me
and i am forever grateful
to have you by my side
to have you by my side

- this concept текст песни