2019 – afl parody – thom kenobi текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

how bout’ razor ray gettin’ caught for six and out
darcy flyin’ over fences in riverway
allen jumpin’ over umpires in wa

zach toughy gettin’ spat in the eye
ben king punchin’ his own bloke
watermelon boy to cucumber kid
to the pigeon on the g, once again, but this time attacking the magpies
from the nab mini legends coming early
to the guy offering brayshaw some chips

big mummy!
the sausage!
big mummy!
the sausage!
gettin’ half a tooth stuck in a mouthguard
buddy with the wink
daisy with the cl!ck
falcons all round
dawson with the poster
eagles stuck in an elеvator
bruce with the call
blakey’s kickеd the ball
balloon boy at marvel
harry with the eyes
atkins with the tricks
gaff eatin’ weet*bix
cripps with the piggyback
speedos at the gabba
man it’s snowin’ in canberra
it’s snowin’ in canberra
power with the young guns
rozee runnin’ rings
duursma with the arrow
b*tters with the pace
crows losing everyone all over the place
keath to the bulldogs
jenkins and douglas parting ways
jacobs to the giants
ellis*yolmen to the lions
greenwood to the suns
betts back to the blues
crouch to the gold coast and pyke really had no clue

well there’s a big big sound from the west of the town. it’s the sound of the mighty giants
jezza the coleman medalist
the giants held onto their guns and lasted long
had an amazing finals run
came from 6th to hopefully get the job done
got some revenge
brent daniels, the star with the ba*na*na!
sam taylor, the saviour with the fist
man, the giants have a good list
the tigers with debutants for the granny
the giants were pummeled on the g
marlion picketts pirouette to dusty
the footy show got axed but mcguire brought it back
the player revue was awesome as pulled in a crowd
willie spurtin’ gatorade into the sample
stephenson with the bet scandal
anthony mcdonald*tipungwuti, picket palace, the hero for the dons, sellin’ candy, saving games off his own boot, climbin’ up the charts, smashin’ out seven
sydney stack takin rides, bashin’ bumps
petruccelle thinks he’s fast

the only thing the suns can do
is win the grand final sprint
man, i should’a’ betted that on my pint
to the crowd being monitored with officers in blue
fans can’t even support their own team cuz their calling umpires bald green maggots
maybe the arc could actually monitor score reviews
doggies with the hangers
marvel with the avengers
stratton’s pinchin’
fantasia’s flinchin’
rampe’s climbin’ posts
gary’s god and he only gets a fine
hey bt
fanta+sia is how you say fantasia
jack with the studs
umpire’s proposing
lions with the karate
mcdonald with 1 second left makes a massive point
aflx was a major flop
marc with the sk!lls. oh my god, that was clutch
flyin’ ryan with the leap
has a chewy in his mouth every game
roaming brian was a hit
drinkin’ choccy milk for a bit
wacky wednesday
dangers’ kane for an hour
the only thing he forgot was the premiership for the power

- thom kenobi текст песни