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Songtext von mayday – tinie tempah lyrics

подождите пожалуйста...

(feat. chipmunk & soulja boy)

[tinie tempah – hook]
mayday, mayday, mayday, mayday, mayday
january, february, march, april, may day!
mayday, mayday, mayday, mayday, mayday
january, february, march, april, may day!

[tinie tempah – verse 1]
january, february, march, april, may day!
i like my ‘tron coffee with some ma’f-ckin’ baileys
i’m never bangin’ (ugh), probably never bangin’ (yeah)
but shout out the n-gg- bow wow
and shout out the n-gg- ray jay
mountin’ my mercedes whiter than the kkk
chauffeur don’t impress ’em then i bet the f-ckin’ may may
i’m private so i put my girls on separate planes to vacay
and i promise i’ma land ’em they ain’t even isreali
i don’t talk the talk i walk
stars come out when i tour and fergie b-tch
2 peas and a pod
i got so many awards
i’m a mil’ short of the forbes
thats a slight exaggeration but i’m never gon’ b poor


[chipmunk – verse 2]
okay so tinie wants me on mayday
everyday is my payday
talk sh-t and get punched up
my n-gg-s got david haye ways
peach ciroc is what we taste
drink until i can’t pee straight
and your girl wants to go on [?]
thats what i call a pee-take
i got 30 under my neck
25 on my wrist
couple rabbits got f-cked to make this fur coat that i’m in
relocate to another town
every year thats another house
picture me when i’m 25
lord help me, i’m 20 now
my att-tude’s a little street
girls move brain and still call me sweet
i don’t kiss, let alone tell
but theres enough famous girls that i’ve beat
i’ve been doing this thing properly
toast to the jewels and the property
cold and you still ain’t as hot as me
and i make mohammad thats profit g


[verse 3 – soulja boy]
january, february, march, april, may day!
yes i hopped up out the bed and you know that it’s a payday
everywhere we go, we got the girls going crazy
kush blunts in my ashtray, ahh man that sh-t cray
ahh man, hold up man, that g6 to vacate
i hit the block, am i going straight
pulled up with the sunray
soulja tell ’em, i ain’t what ya say
i pulled up like santa’s sleigh
money on deck everyday
cashed up, i’m getting paid
her -ss fat like [?]
i’m tatted up like lil wayne
later on we running train
my alias and aka
my snapback is obey
i’m on her hair like a toupee
yeah everybody know me, you can match that? yeah ok!

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