1976 freestyle (st. laz diss) – tizz3lbeatz текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

you have been chosen to play a game
a nice game
do you have what it takes
to be the weakest rapper

your swags on pluto
well you need to get it back
no cap st. laz
you need to fix that gap
i reached out to gap
they gunna sponsor that
i’ll even by you a gold grill
to cover your plaque
you and jada*kiss
not rock, not smith
i’ma diss you every chance i get
why you always on some weird sh*t
your fans gone hear this
oh look at his mustache and beard
is weird, sh*t
you are an f*channel
not an atari
beg me for money, starving
apple by steve jobs
star wars and king kong
now i know you about to sing along
make a lyric video with a bouncing ball
chop n scrеw
chop n screw it
rip dj screw
who is whokid
get it
i wondеr what tony yayo
gunna say tho
i heard joe budden sucked your d*ck
for the label
9 month charge got dropped, stop lying
50 post pics of you crying
shout out young buck
akademiks it’s about that time
st. laz got what it takes
st. laz got what it takes
get off my d*ck
st. laz got what it takes
st. laz got what it takes
get off my d*ck
you ain’t really sh*t and ya hood ain’t with ya
fake ass chain and ya diamonds don’t glisten
corona got ya sick and you playing victim
you blocked me on facebook
said you was kidding
i’m dissn’
your r.kelly p*ss an
i don’t give a f*ck
world trade blow me up
i’m talking my sh*t sway
kanye’s my sensei
tekashi’s a rat and you’re ratatouille
beat tape out now
f*ck it sue me

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