100 stripes – tom the mail man текст песни

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[verse 1]
yeah, i wanna tatts’ all on her face (face)
i was gon’ f*ck a shawty but i can’t
she only call me when i’m in the aid
her body look perfect, we know this sh*t fake (no, sh*t)
i wanna cup ’em in the safe
it’s hard to commit when these b*tch are just shady
so i had to fire percocet
she was hurtin’ on the surface, she just like another person (ayy)
when she hurt, she like to hide and keep inside
and let it riot, it is never worth it (never worth it)
trust my instinct in the moment she been hoping for some closure
get in closer, to the moment when she break it down
she need me now, she needs the help, she’s coming over

i can’t help, shawty, you’re too faded
i can’t help, shawty, you too fakest
not safe for me in this room, i’m tainted
it’s not safe, shawty, you’re not safe, shawty, i—

[verse 2]
know you look bad, i’m not like them other guys (yeah)
i know the game like a ref’, i’m so used to it
all of my guys got a hundred stripes (hundred stripes)
i got to stay in the back
i need it, i gotta get it like a hundred times (hundred times)
i gotta stay and bare with time and money, i get it 25
b*tch, i go get it at 25 (yeah, 25), i’ma go get that sh*t at 25 (yeah, 25)
b*tch, i got my sh*t at 25 (25)
king of my city, when i hit the city my bros come with me
they let it slide, b*tches come in and they let it slide
don’t tryna brace the night, get inside
’emeber when i was just getting by
now i’m too up, i’ve been feeling high
they take a look at me, feel the fire
b*tch, i go get it at 25

- tom the mail man текст песни