10/10 – trefrom rose текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

good looking energy

the wood i just rolled was a perfect 10 out of 10

the b*tch i just bagged was a perfect 10
out the bin

i heard none of yo sh*t working
you should try again

bunkn sleep because he drunk to much
i had to grab the fn

told her leave me alone i got drunk
and went and crashed the benz

paperwork and party
like i’m ray but in my bag again

up all night doing work you making statuses

the choppa gotta scope so when i shoot it it’s more accurate

ain’t got no priorities
they doing backwards sh*t

know some n*ggas from another team that uh blast yo sh*t

i know some n*ggas on the bench that done crashed yo b*tch

yeah i got some bins old and dusty that still won’t miss

bro and nem scam more then me but i’m
still on tip

lil b*tch bad this porsche and i’m still
gone hit

i ain’t in the strip
but this groupie just flashed her tits

quick 5 ball put half
the other half was spent



i’m in my mode again prices going up after the tape
it’s on the floor again

bro get the broom we sweeping n*ggas
like when kobe did

n*gga talking crazy tell em shut up
and come show me then

shooting at his chest
make that n*gga do the shoulder dance

pop out at yo party
no tjay

but bro got pole in hand

in a mansion
slapping mansions party
sky walking wit bands

slam the door on a broke b*tch
like you ain’t coming in

n*ggas checked the score
found out they lost
and trynna run again
i don’t give a f*ck bout none of that

i ain’t no f*cking ham

2 bands off of youtube

it’s ain’t no f*cking scam

i just hit the hoe and gave her back

and you ate her


yo cards ain’t never gone hit

boy stop blaming them

punch a n*gga out his nike fit like i can’t play wit him

i ain’t even worried bout his mans

i got the k for him

tell a b*tch to suck it like dx

triple h and them


- trefrom rose текст песни