3am in the we$t – trxgga текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1]
3am in west
coming out the studio fresh…
night shift never rest
i dont need a 9 to 5
i’m already rich
i’m blessed
baby mom bad
getting dm’s from my ex
crossing borderlines in a jet
i done made it this far
i can do another 10
just a real n*gga no pretend
i was up on broad street
selling to the off streets
n*ggas wanna off me
cops wanna khawal me
shawty keep on calling
she just wanna argue
give her good d*ck
put it in her fix her posture
lotta business in the works
i don’t need no cubical perks
i need skittles overflow
till i can’t even taste
i’ve been running laps issa race
watch ya ass get lapped
i got gold in my face
so my talk ain’t cheap
i provide what you need
fam never in need
only kid to feed the peeps
only kid to feed the streets

[vamp: trxgga’s mother]
just checking in on how you are doing
i guess you may be sleeping by now

[verse 2]
young n*gga up next
west end praise on flex
east end trips
bad b*tches on set
cop a ferragamo she impressed
club shut down, only do it for the checks
young rich n*gga from the jects
love my momma did her best
need a mansion in the hills
issa party in the ville
this how legendary feels

[outro: trxgga’s mother]
alright, i’ll give you a call tomorrow
have a goodnight
love you

- trxgga текст песни