058 flow – tsigamore текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

this that 058 typa flow sh*t man


last summer was the coldest when i pulled up with that ice on me
all eyes on me when i walked through cameras out flashing
wearing all black with  a white shirt k!lled it with a bow tie
i don’t really have no business with a jokey looking clown typa n*gga
i wear my mask with a passion when you put on yours its a joke bruh
phiritona music we been on the come up for a while ain’t joke bruh
2020 vision we be coming with a storm really give no f*cks bruh
6am success hosthuis rmc done k!lled it
i’m talking districts, red carpets, blc done made it
2019 afro music line up tеbu made it
2020 not so long ago mtv sent an email
thе boy is really gon go places no doubt


& how could i forget hilas we all know he got the best sound
open minded, always cooking & we know he gon feed yall
i’m talking services, why you got to cry when he tells you about the prices?
such talent, it doesn’t really come free bruh
f*ck a friend this is business
finna let that b*tch breath

what they gon tell us?
they gon tell us free state got no talent (laugh)
look at the sh*t we be doing
this is real sh*t, quality on point bruh
hol’ up

i’mma let that sh*t slide though
k!lled this motherf*cker in one take (laugh)

- tsigamore текст песни