don’t want to wait anymore – tubes текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

we, could be the last two on earth
to start a new world
just you and me, girl
try, and you can almost see
how it could be, just you and me

lost, trapped in the freezing cold
barely alive, have to make love to survive
i’ll show you how it’s done
we’ll take it as it comes
a rocket to the sun

i don’t want to wait anymore
i just don’t think i have the strength
the strength to carry on
oh, i don’t want to wait anymore
i waited so long
forgot what i’m waiting for

stranded on a desert isle
with no one around
for thousand of miles
imagine any place
this is what it takes
but don’t tell me to wait

[repeat chorus 2x]

forgot what i’m waiting for, whoa

[repeat chorus]

- tubes текст песни