1999 – twae sun текст песни

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[verses: twae sun]

i’m like pacquiao realest
sold out arenas
wanted me a hero
but then now i’m feelin’ villainous

i’m venomous
but i ain’t never f*ckin’ with them snakes
get the icing on the top
you need be baking your cakes

’cause i’m like j cross with the shake
all the sh*t that i take
wanna take my dad to the sidelines one day
make him shake hands with jason kidd
man i pray
i’m just happy that my brother loves to ball nowadays
’cause he’s

yelling out “kobe!” when he makes mj make a shot now
fade away
hear the swish
make the crowd wow
i’m the show now
i don’t need to tell how
i don’t need to tell you all my story just to get a bow
i’m that guy from ph
yellow red white and blue
but then i turn black white orange
when she come through
and then i black green yellow
when i care and it’s true
that’s when her p gets h’d
it’s a l up for you

just know i got it from lebron
made it lee brown
if i fail on all my shots
i still rebound

when i hit’em with the ja
they be sp*ce bound
i don’t need a late text
in the first round

’cause they be playin’ on my art
they think i’m out here playing games
can’t do it in a double
but i’m here like simon james

i know i’m f*ckin’ different
we ain’t never the same
i’ve been doin’ this for legacy
and f*ck your fame
’cause they would look at me crazy
until they know what i do
they keep passing me and cap me
while they hearin’ my tune

when i k!ll a couple bodies
when they know that i move
i’ve been bangin’ on my head
since 2002

man 18 years later
i’ve been stickin’ like glue
and they say that i’m a rookie
without knowin’ my sh*t

they be laughin’ and laughin’
it’s like they know what i did
i’ve been doin’ rocket science
while they etchin’ a skit

so i close my eyes i’m writin’
while imaginin’ this
30, 000 people standin’
and just singin’ my sh*t

everything was just a dream
screaming money ain’t a thing
then i woke up and be thankful
crown me up i’m king
’cause i’ve been doin’ it my own
i’m repetitive uhm
i’ve been k!llin’ it
they hate it
’cause they wish it was them

i’m the only one believin’
when i started this i’m screamin’ and
for money and for power
it’s for legacy i’m pillagin’

if you think that i be c*cky
i’m just hypin’ myself
when n0body is believin’
you believe in yourself

i’m competin’ with my own
i’m unboxing myself
i’ll be punchin’ at the mirror
shadowboxing myself

but then i give no f*ck
about the doubt and all the small talk
ain’t n0body flippin’ me off
game real talk

times i get affected
sh*t i know i’m not infected
so i shrug it off my shoulders with the chips
and it’s a cake walk

i arrived 1999
i know i wasn’t planned
grateful i’m alive
ain’t n0body gonna push me to the side

i be surfin’ on the doubters
while i’m turnin’ up the tide
when they see me that i’m winning
they’re uptight

i devour what i can
m*th*f*cka i don’t bite
you be thinking you’re the truth
with all your lies

if you’re broke before you’re 30
bro i’ll never be surprised

you don’t see that you be chokin’
on your own though
you discredit all the credit
and you’re cryin’ for a bone no

by ruo

when the dark shines
know this is just the start yo

- twae sun текст песни