sleep country – type1ne текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[intro sleep country canada jingle]

y’all be sleepin’ on me
y’all be sleepin’ on me
“motherf-cking kids motherf-cking kids”
y’all be sleepin’ on me
yah ugh
y’all be sleepin’

[verse 1]

couple tweets looking at me like i need help
now i know how xxx felt
changing up all a motherf-cker need is hope
my boys rolling with the white like i’m most dope
find who stole my lighter give it back then smoke
find the mf who stole from me and get him choked
gucci belt kinda tight but you know so
i don’t concern myself with that no more
upgraded my drip to the four door
nothing like getting rich what you mad for
i got “ish” wh0r-
spend it make more
i just bought sax fifth whole d-mn store
balmains drippin
white rap villain
f-ck cathy griffin
bombay spillin
foreign car illin
behind bars k!llin
pause the beat i’m drippin
look at me with your disgruntled face
turn around run backwards and won the race
i’m in your f-cking head like a head ache
f-ck drinking tea
im’a take the cake


hey , wait

[verse 2]

hit em with the smooth sh-t
h-llo who are you kid
you better go and cool it
take it eazy like i’m ruthless
spittin like i’m toothless
blue’s like i’m clueless
sleeping on me stupid
sleeping on me stupid
i said sleeping on me stupid
so many of you motherf-ckers gotta cop two kings
lamborghini new tint
smoking on a parents p-ssed
i just blew your new b-tch a kiss
she was “jada for a kiss”
l!cked on my liquorice
bounced on the pogo stick
you know that whorish sh-t
like mariah when she f-cked em with nick
you know this is me
you sleeping on t in the yyz
and i gotta keep me
typewizzy ain’t a motherf-ckin’ “g”
he’s from the b-u-r-b
“i sound like an idiot saying that i had to make it rhyme”

[outro sleep country canada jingle]

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