2 packs – tytuus текст песни

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yo, two packs of smokes
two packs of, no not those ones, the red ones
the f*ckin

[verse 1: tytuus]
two packs of smokes we laugh and joke about the cancer
strip club rappers actin’ broke around the dancers
six deep stumble up to the piano like here’s a little song i learned from a girl in louisiana
it goes don’t walk into that sweet light
unless you’re ready for a street fight
[?] plays, man rewrites
short skirts and knee highs
all rise and stalemate
she never wanted to be nothin’ more than jail bait

pale face, i see ghosts every day
its a snail race or just notes on a page
i’m late
but i ain’t show up to play
i just showed up to die and you’re in my way

two, two packs of
two packs
[verse 2: toxic]
i might’ve just walked out on a check
she hate me when i’m faded, only love me cause i left
these young and overrated, its whiskey on his breath
he’s on his way to h*ll, somebody come clean his mess
just some words on a page, i hope those feelins died
with everything that changed, comes nothin on the side

you feeling empty lately, ain’t you
i feel the same
well unless i’m high or drunk, and i guess that’s everyday
this feel like confusion, this feel like a d*mn movement
this feel like a new life, this feel like i’m not losin’
this feel like the world p*ssy, this turned into not music
this turn into bad thoughts, about god and my dad using

i need two boxes, b*tch


- tytuus текст песни