03.40 – uglyuy текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

girl your pefect i wish you were mine
can’t sleep cause your always on my mind
if i had you i would spend every dime
please i’m runing out of time

i wanna make you mine but you think that he is better
i was always there for you when you were under the weather
my love for you is more than one million feathers
they would call us the cute couple that would be the header

pop 2 xans i’m in my lane i’m speeding
i’m so lost i do not even know the reason
take to shot to the chest now i’m bleading
my blood is so warm but my heart stay freezing

that night you said you love me was it a lie
i promise that i would be there by your side
but idk rn i just really wanna die
and i heard you were happy and that’s fine

- uglyuy текст песни