021 ready – uncle london текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...


bitcoin urgently needed
venmo paypal urgently needed
free ajaja urgently needed
pickup f*ckoff man you’re not needed
021 f*ckin ready
yo! (prrrrrrrr)

man na singer
no trapper
maybe a 419 dealer(ah)
smoking a benson(ahh)
f*cking my bestie in a benz(ahhh)
got this shank went best of boths(ahhhh)
attack like diego, agressive like costa
swing like alexander,song like bahana(capitain manyang)
got her back brock down like lesner
d like dennis man bop like rodman
alexa got me in my feelings that’s drakе(champagne papi)
how many yutes get touchеd in them ends
that’s the motto f*ck sh*t when i grip that blade(ovo)
clap this knife on his left ear
ching that fool make an opp boy late
pas de watch or chain on me
can’t be wearing that sh*t if that drip is fake
i can’t go no dates b your drip looks lame
brenda say she wan burst me
not biya
shift that drose then i
l!ck it
suck it
c*ck it
f*ck it
burst it
catch me an opp bro back and spin it
dip it
kweff it
cheff it
ching it
control don pass enter moneygram
pick it
live it
flash it
ball it
spend it
free all my guys getting online money
021 is f*cking ready
told you labels no you can’t sign me
a get so much pride in me like balotelli (why always me)
in amiri eating spaghetti
how many westo control comot inside italy(chak)
got a sweet on come like julie
boy better know get doe like adenuga
in molyko with scammers and hackers
should’ve asked my man,are you a loader? no(you hear or you no hear)
the bell ring ding no dong
i start knack machine at the age of 16
soo many cold nights out at dirty south
soo many sleeps got lost at ndefi
too many girls got slept & dumped
too many bro’s turn fake & snake
bro got nicked for scamming
i told man shhh cah that fool might snitch
ish a hate for see cutting for mile 16
same way a hate mendem weh di bleach(rub cream)
4 control inside one night no jazz
part time rapper full time ngess man
when i mack no 48 spices
pull up at watson dacosta
top ten best cameroonian rapper
wuna no put ma name inside
wuna feel say wuna be who dem
wuna mami da pima them
all wuna wuna buy wuna coffin this year i go bury all wuna
go suck your mothers (d*ckhead)
d*ckhead man
all of you mandem are p*ssies
021 ready
i go f*ck this industry up

- uncle london текст песни