15 memories – unrepentants текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

what brings me around
if i can’t breathe here
and everytime i feel alone
and i know i don’t belong?

let me stay away
i don’t wanna be with you
this place is so d*mned that
feels like h*ll for everyone
the street is on flames
i just wanted to escape
i won’t lose myself to
the nightmare you put me through

i’m forced to be here
there’s just pain and fear, f*cking teenage prison
will i get away?
making it alive never seemеd so har, so…

fifteen memories
haunt you evеry night, and they are blaming you too

will i get away? everyday life is so hard
and i can’t make no mistakes, all of this it is too much
and you’re wasting all my time

- unrepentants текст песни