not always this evil – valtiel текст песни

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not always that evil
they don’t really want to know

[1st verse]
thought about it one day
headed for the runway
voices in my head
telling me i got a song to sing
really think i’m haunted
all i’ve never wanted
ready for the words and style that i bring
all the little things i dream
take a journey with me through the mysteries
show you something deep that you’ve never seen
never knew you had
almost true to fact
never seemed so close enough
i’ll give anything to see you laugh
anything to cheer you up
anything to do away with what you went through in the past
live and love
learn what i’ve become
want to show a better lighter side of me
i’m not always evil honestly
understand what i’m seeking
what i’m feeling
i believe in destiny
ready for tomorrow
and i bleed to heal the wounds i’ve caused
everything i’ve ever longed for is already gone
so, so long
wonder what it would’ve cost
if i didn’t switch the cross
what you think i would’ve lost
what about if never found
put ’em in the ground
lay it down now
place ’em in a pile
if it does no good or isn’t justice
dare to walk along the line of punishment
nothing is above us
he does it for the love of it


[2nd verse]
sitting on that plane i got to thinking
was i insane, in love, dreaming, or maybe on the brink of losing it
could i do it world in ruins but as soon as the sun turned to dusk
it developed and there was no going back
we were here to last
open embrace it
thankful for the chance
a blessing from the lord
everything was backwards as i walked through the door
waiting all my life
forever never seemed so far away
closer to someone
winter a little more forgiving than it was before this came
making a promise to you
i’ll do everything within me
to see to renewing aspirations
we can take the world for granted
fully bringing horror to its door step
more or less with every single breath
i want you to know i’ll do my best
overcoming the adversaries
sitting alone in cemeteries
deeper and more caring
fully committed i’m solely yours until we marry
forgetting the past and living in future memories
your fantasies a remedy for my disease
reality you’ll know to be the same as those at night you dream
for once in our lives everything is in reach
never looking back we’re at a point of no return
all the pain you had before are those i wish i could reverse
but i can’t and i’m knowing that you wouldn’t
cuz you told me it only makes us stronger
so i’m open to the future hoping to find what time has in store
there’s no limits to our vision
endless in the image anywhere we go
i’m not always that evil

- valtiel текст песни