01. vindications – vect текст песни

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01. vindications

as i travel an unknown distance with every curious movement of my paws, i wonder into the unknown with knowledge gained from my experienced incidents. i hunger for different adventures & situations, but a change can be so hard to experience. my walk is long which bring me to many thoughts….. thoughts of my old packs, thoughts of my prey, thoughts of my future vengeance. still i travel over horizons & rest myself seeking. i grow tired but still continue on. so many prints i’ve untrodden. so much filth that fills the planеt, i cannot defy what i breathe. greed consumеs some & comes to lead to survival. time again & again i have been left with an uneasy fight & struggle. i’m proved over & over that there’s only me to fight this war. i’m the convict all the fingers are aimed at. no matter the ache, no matter the betrayal, no matter the despair, no matter the prejudice, no matter the hate….i shall continue my 1 man journey. take a look through the eyes of the lone wolf….& you will then see my battle

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