02. still – vect текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

back again godd*mnit, i know you hate it but here i am
here to give you another dose of that disease….called “maniacal v”

i’m back in your face with a cross at 180 degrees
middle finger in the air for my enemies
i’m not about bullsh*t & don’t pretend to be
ain’t sh*t changed but the day for me
still a creature of the night still 1 who lurks
still taking & the pain no matter how much it hurts
tormented been through h*ll & back
still telling you my tales & truest facts

still offensive….still real…..still tha v*e*c*t

still maniacal style i know some of y’all want me silenced
b*tch that’s gonna be a while still feel insanity outcasted by family
still isn’t forgotten as i hold on gradually
stilla villain but yet a hero to some when a tear drips
still hope ya feel this still fearless
those that felt the isolated incidents felt my pain & believe me i love ya the same

- vect текст песни