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03. alone

in this life it’s me n0body around never found underground
wicked sounds in my mind escape the backstab & lies
i’m livin’ in pain every day can’t refrain my days in vain
i see a cliff in my midst god i wanna jump away
so alone so bored so emotionally sore
still think it’s best sometimes that i was never born
i’m so deprived born to lose sick of being used
don’t tell me it’s my fault when it isn’t what i choose
as i always have i know i gotta strive
try to revamp while i’m walking thin lines
abandoned & left behind right in the dirt
whether i’ma maniac or not it still hurt
if it weren’t for the hard times there wouldn’t be any
if you don’t understand me don’t dismiss it as petty
whenever i get something good it’s smacked out my hand
that’s the curse i live with must be someone’s plan
here to myself an this empty h*ll inside
returning thoughts of suicide & leave it all behind
in the mirror with the ruger aimed to my brain
losing more sanity yes i’m insane
& i’m alone, i’m alone, all alone

how much more? want no more to feel sore as before
always torn proceed to fail need a bail like a jail
sick of it all & all of people’s cr*p
how much will i take till i go all out & snap?
all that ran out on me were b*tches & stale
i live the sad life of nonstop betrayal
don’t you understand? i didn’t choose this fate
but it’s what i take the best of it i make
pain is all really i ever truly had
f*ck a pity party these are the true facts
never had anyone there to truly care
& when i did they disappeared on me in thin air
a messed up depressive guess that’s all i got left
living with the emptiness making me a mess
i’d rather drop it all right now & give up & die
whatever happens i don’t care i got no fear inside
& i’m alone, i’m alone, all alone

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