04. destroy tha world – vect текст песни

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04. destroy tha world

as i look in silence at the sky picturing it filled with gas
i want this whole f*ckin’ planet to feel my oblivious wrath
sickening visions enter like incisions of supreme danger
revenge is a high belief inside my violent mind & nature
ultimate payback damage slices & cracks
in my dome the worlds under attack with no repent just my laugh
i’m at the end of my rage n0body will evade all must pay
for lies & times betrayed bullets impale your brain
like a migrainе violence my game punishmеnt i’ve craved
i am no toy or a p*wn settle for nothing to challenge me on
wishing to deliver the biggest consummation
chaos from each other ongoing termination
erase the nation living here k!lls patience
choose no side when a war rages
conspired hypocrisy earth brought to me
but i won’t & don’t stop there’s a lot to see

thoughts of destruction are building
to destroy tha world
wishing & antic*p*ting
to destroy tha world

laws written but destroyed & crushed by their own creators
breaking the crowns titles & arms of these dictator f*ckin’ traitors
i’ve grown exhausted faith i lost it wild like a mosh pit humans too much talk sh*t
incubated hatred life taken zitrone is fully awaken
never abided by the right ways or consequences screw defenses
the gavel in my fist fed up & p*ssed laying down the sentence
for me it’s my alternative to lose control
to end the world that’s cold & see from there where we go
lose more every day f*ck what they say armageddon needs to hurry it’s way
wake up & realize that we’re already poisoned doomed & plagued
you think there’s a way to fix the problems? well so do i
taking it under an immense blow torch & laugh as it crackles & fries
priests & teachers are the creatures of features
everything is rotting so i’m finishing it off 1 more time is all
i’ve grown exhausted living in this filth
ridding existence & lies for years of being nothing but ill
thoughts of setting this contorted nation straight into flames
the leaders that are delirious playing nothing but stupid games
my idea & contribution is to reformat this whole unit
to see once again if we’ll again go through this
take down the law take down the system take down the rules
there is no justice there is no equalness there is no paid dues
this planet is a rotten & forgotten unburied stinkin’ corpse
sure hope there’s a better 1 somewhere ’cause this 1’s far too warped

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