06. hopeless – vect текст песни

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06. hopeless

it’s about 10 o clock thinkin’ sittin’ in the dark
of how many times my hopes ripped apart
pondering ideal thoughts something pleasant
got 2 bucks to my name livin’ like a peasant
still thinkin’ of my old unreached dreams
falling slow but deeper i can only scream
misunderstood by whoever i speak to
hope is something i no longer seek through
my dream is crushing but i keep bustin’
i beat myself in the head as i’m cussin’
when hope builds & flies all around
it falls from the sky dead on the ground
shattered hopes & dreams by the slicer
for еvery time i thought things would get nicеr
worried thoughts run all through my head
i wanna keep it silent & cool but then i’d have to pretend

every time i hope
it brings me hurt
cuz every time i do it
it becomes cursed

everyone calls me negative ’cause i have no faith
what’s faith? i hoped like you said it never went your way
it’s like firing a gun straight up to the sky
& watching the bullet land straight in my eye
i prepare for & expect the worst
nowadays that’s the way i gotta be
cuz things are ugly been too much to see
my name ain’t fiction its maniacal v
& this ain’t a fairy tale it’s l*i*f*e
i don’t need to have my heart set on something i need
i lost too much depending on hope
it broke me for years till i slashed it’s throat
it’s something that’s a fantasy never to rely on
that’s a cloud that i’m done trying to fly on
i make things happen if it’s in my control
but if it’s not i just let things roll
all the lies all the fall backs & disappointment
gave me wounds & giving up is the best ointment
i don’t go for a tease i let it come to me
cuz hope is a prayer for a want or a need
i don’t look forward i just look as it comes
i just deal with it & stay real with it
faithless after all the stabs & let downs
think i’m bullsh*ttin’? go ahead & place your bet down
for so long i’ve tried to make things happen
by the time i got close it was already cr*ppin’
i’m not here trying to tell you to quit
but as for me hope’s just a b*tch
so i let things be & see what they show
never again will i believe in hope
no never again will i believe in hope

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