07. backstab – vect текст песни

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07. backstab

backstabbed me
called me family
ya lie ya use now get away who?

took some time now i see the lies an how they came true
denied though i knew you went behind my back to our crew
you were fake from the getty*get i just got sick of it
all the sh*t you made me believe was an act
make wanna bust your head & leave you wit a cast
tired of yo stories nig i’m tired of yo ass
you put on that bullsh*t an made me beliеve
i never did much about it i lеt it be
thought we were brothers but i was the 1 always givin’
i’m moving away from that f*cked up way of livin’
you had no intention as mine to be dawgs
well now i finally see things coming outta your fog
you taking free handouts mooching away
but you were my sk!llet i had nothing to say
but years later i awoke now i spoke you’re a joke
it’s adios f*cker that’s your last chance ‘ho

i let squabs go 1 2 3 4 how many times?
d*mn i forget yo ain’t a homie you ain’t sh*t bro
who put the knife in my godd*mn back?
for that you’ll get your skull an heart cracked cuz i’m quick to snap
deal with the outcome & accept the fact
because i’m not about to fall for another childish trap
understand b*tch i’m not your friend
so you’re better off to stop trying an pretend that’s the end
no reconcile ya blew it i’m done going through it screw it
with your transparent self i can see right through it
how many times did i buy ya smokes an give ya rides?
ungrateful busters like you always lie
i can’t wait till someone gives you a turn
thought we was tight like we had a plight
if that’s how you’re always gonna be like i’m pullin’ out my knife
an cuttin’ your punk cheap greedy ass out my life
don’t flip the script ’cause i’m not that foul
i kick myself every time i called you my pal
so here’s what’s up now
f*ck with someone s*d*stic ya get your sh*t ripped
watch me inflict your neck & your slit wrists
’cause i won’t put up with this
obey this motherf*ckin’ warning don’t miss this
here’s my ass hater c’mere & kiss this
’cause a backstabber ain’t nothing but b*tch sh*t

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