08. 8 letters – vect текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

whatcha know bout a friendship? nothing at all
you’re bluffin’ it all, shut your mouth ya godd*mn fool
that’s a crock so just stop you love only yourself with all my help
without me you’re stuck in your h*ll
ya hardly know me but ya act like it’s been years
the next fool you’ll set your sights on you’ll leave me with the lights on
i’ma veteran to heartbreak you just don’t know
you can’t hurt what’s dead it replays in my head
so you feel something for me? that’s not enough
can’t convince me of love just ’cause you got a f*ckin’ crush
don’t tell me bout interest in me ’cause there isn’t any
maybe for a week or month at most you’re not rеady
it’s also ridiculous ya don’t wanna learn my interests
don’t gеt sh*t bout me & claim ya can’t live without me
take your head out your ass you aren’t hearing my words
but if ya don’t wanna learn i don’t wanna know ya
i’ll throw ya away like the ones i hate
’cause you’re not far behind when ya act like a fake
are you even getting it or on the way to forgetting it?
a simple repetitive your head i’m try to get it in
you don’t wanna hear my stories you’d rather ignore me
you say you adore me but treat me like i’m boring
you’re shifty i don’t like it you don’t even know how you feel
like inside your heart & you’ll see this isn’t real

i know 8 letters that have no truth i*l*o*v*e*y*o*u
it’s said so much without the heart involved
so when it comes out your mouth it better be for real
if you loved me as much as you claim it
you wouldn’t make me sick every time that you say it
speak from your heart not your l*st or affinity
those 8 letters should be real, never kidding things
your care for me is temporary acting like we’re married
don’t tell me ya miss me after you heavily diss me
if i said i loved you you’d assume i’d take a bullet for ya
selfishness is no way to get my loyalty for ya
no chance in h*ll are you gonna make me adore you
my love for a female is dead except for my friends
but you wanna take advantage & f*ck with my head
but then you’re jumpin’ in the fire so ya best think again
you’re mad at me ’cause i’m not stupid like you to fall for your nonsense
try to steal my heart with your lying comments
if i loved you it wouldn’t be enough for you
you’re indecisive & flirty within a week i’d bore you
remember when you kissed me? you said it felt great
’cause ya had no one else to make ya feel special that day
i don’t need this or believe this i seen it too many times
i see through your lies as you keep it disguised
throw a pity party to weaken me for sympathy
but there’s no way ya can with fictitious history
are ya learning yet? this ain’t a mystery so keep dissin’ me
& deal with it you can never be mrs. v
you can be gorgeous as h*ll but after my past
no lips, no ass could change the lessons i’ve had
you knew this ya just couldn’t stand to listen
you’re a sneakin’ creepin’ snake i can hear ya hissin’

chick: god i can’t stop thinkin about you
vect: heh, just give it a few more days trust me
chick: you’ll still be all i think about
vect: yeah right, do you actually believe that?
chick: yeah, i do, cuz i have 8 letters & they spell “i love you”
vect: haha….i have 8 letters too & they spell “bullsh*t!”
chick: ….why are you acting like this?
vect: cuz i know what’s real…..& this isn’t real
chick: you don’t know that
vect: i do too, what the f*ck do ya think this is romeo & juliette?
chick: it could be…
vect: well uh, it’s about time for you to step into the real world…now

- vect текст песни