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08. anuther night

it was just anuther night with the gun in my mouth
got nothing in my mind but decaying doubts
people don’t come near me that’s your warning
this is how i feel every night every morning
crisis is life, life is crisis, pain embalms me as i recite this
i don’t like this & i might just flip i hope not
if i do someone could be shot
so i keep away in my lonesome cave
& watch myself go to h*ll under this plague
hey you can call me negative & all that
but i know my fate too well so understand an step back
tuck in my clip ’cause i’m about to dip
so please someone don’t be stupid ’cause i’m anxious to rip
toss the coat on & bounce i see some fools sippin’ hits by the ounce
walk in the store an grab a 2 then some pr*ck squashed my shoe
he rushed off & got in his ride i jumped inside
an asked him as i held my grip “why don’t ya watch where you’re going b*tch?!”
he tried to run away but quickly got caught
i start pullin’ on the trigger slowly & pulled the first shot
blasted his ass then i checked him for cash gotta get my ass back home so i start to dash
put my grip back in my hip, i told you godd*mnit i don’t need this sh*t

just anuther night
so i’m chillin’ on the couch watchin’ tv
wish i had someone to hold an watch it with me
but b*tch please can’t nothing switch things
well nothing ever seems to get better it’s been years an i see
that there’s just no one out there for v
some disagree but that’s what i believe
ain’t nothing gonna change i’m alone an deranged
i sit back with a strap in my lap wishing i could peel my cap
depressed eternally a mess you call me a loser ya d*mn well bet
ain’t no escape from this fate people like choosing me to be the one to hate
i watch my back but people still stab when it’s all done i’ll be more then glad
death is the only answer for this cancer
but i’ll wait it out an fight even though there’s no point right?

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