09. commonalities – vect текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

you think i’m unoriginal? you think i’m fake? you think i’ma copycat? then i think you’re nothing but a stupid f*ck!
’cause i’m none of that….what you don’t know about me could fill a book

can’t n0body call me an impostor hard work got me bl**dy to create this monster
call me a wannabe but me i gotta be i wash no mind for you to fallow me
it’s like 2 different dudes wearing the same exact shoes
& 1 flips out ’cause the other copied the shoe he choose
see that’s different but if he did it for himself
it wouldn’t matter what he chose ’cause he didn’t use his help
there’s enough for copycats circling the planet
& i swear by all i am i’m not them godd*mnit
it’s hard enough to be myself
created my originality without anyone’s help
but in a sense we all copy each other
since you wanna get literal
criticism lover you’re pitiful
when i look at you i could call you a fake
ya probably jacked 5 styles you don’t hear me hate

similarities & copiers aren’t the same
you can think what you want of me & insult & try to blame
just makes you naïve but if you wanna get technical
life’s huge rip off of each other in general
i’m just being myself in this world of h*ll
if you have originality that’s all that counts
but if you’re aiming to be someone in particular
then a copycat is found just a clone whatcha think now?
while you sit there & label us we can try our d*mnedest
we’re still like someone else don’t matter how ya brand it
even if you made it it’s been done before
differences mean hated don’t matter what you go for
but this is who i am & i’ll be godd*mned
if you expect me to change for some traits for another man
now ripping off someone becomes consequential
’cause i can’t stand someone using the stencils
yet still i’m accused with verbal abuse people obtuse
narrow minds are so d*mn loose
we all have a style homemade or stolen
the best are always misunderstood don’t argue cuz i’m knowing
nothing’s wrong or odd about a few commonalities
but if you’re just a wannabe don’t even bother me
i’m just a mix & influenced not a fake or thief, i was never into it

i’m n0body but myself & overlooked like clouds
you can’t accuse me of stealing for resembling a sound with me
there’s a lot to see i’m not a wannabe of icp, brotha lynch, eminem or slipknot
many of you think so you’re dumb with sh*t*talk labels & stereotypes make me hit jaws
some of you don’t care what ya look or sound like
& some of you ain’t sh*t but should be flushed down pipes
it’s a trait of the hater attitude to speak what you don’t know
so until you do shut your f*ckin’ hole
i’m not a biter i’ma fighter burning sh*t like a lighter
i’m not a tracer like you i’m an original writer
accusations thrown mainly at misfits or mavericks
burning up with envy ’cause you’re just average
it’s no crime to be creative & real
to all my outcasts out there i know how ya feel
ya see someone out there who sticks out like a sore thumb
ya make fun ’cause ya don’t understand or ain’t the 1?
we’re not what you think read between the lines
you find us to be freaks but we find the pride
i’ll keep my back forever turned on those that don’t believe
i’ll proceed to be the same ’cause i’m all that i can be
it’s amazing how stereotypical people really are….you look or sound or act a certain way you get stamped with a f*ckin label….f*ck that! some things do need to be labeled but not everything….but ya know what?
i’ll proceed to be the same ’cause i’m all that i can be

copying & developing…are 2 different things be original, but a few things in common don’t make you a copier
i’m me….what are you?

- vect текст песни