000 freestyle – vex666 текст песни

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[verse 1]
this ain’t no comic but i am the villain
1999 boy i am the illest
battle rap no concept for when i be spittin’
digging ditches for your b*tches that
be bragging ’bout money that you ain’t even gettin’
who are you? cus you are just sh*tty
make me wanna wish what was happening was weaker then winston
play with the big kids
and that for you would still be tough to do
wheres the b*tch? sh*t it’s like blues clues
two twos that even jayson is scared to loose
we dig a hole for your b*tches loyalty let her go then shoot
to be honest it was f*cked up to do
it was f*cked up to…
ok, ay

[verse 2]
ay, ay
we up the blade, extra blade
extra extra blade
extra extra, ‘cus you was extra late
used p*ssy what you antic*p*te
fish obviously the food you crave
sorry i gotta a life to live like intern dave
even you can’t pay
for a b*tch that don’t pay for g*ys like i don’t know what to say
[verse 3]
i rhyme words with words to make other words
drop part 3 of her
now i’m hurt, sad boy billie eilish like
thats what the actor deserved
cum in her ear make she ain’t hear what she heard
what am i*

ah, f*ck that
ay, ay, ay
ay, ay
sorry i got a life to live like intern dave

- vex666 текст песни