198.1 wmiz – vic spencer текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1]
you don’t have to be a rapper from your residence
you can be on the apprentice and then be the president
you can crash your car, live off your settlement
don’t have no rap career, you won’t embellish it
the metal gets all in your skin, vic in the wind like mosquitos
can’t see my shadow through the weed smoke
the whole world need hope
you see folks, they beneath growth
cruise fast, you can’t see these spokes
next level fly wear, the lady that love drinking mai*tais here
slide right past grab on her rear
[?] where i arrive at the pier baby
n*ggas get to chuckin’ like some african spears lady
crazy how sh*t goes down but it really doesn’t
vic the buzzard leave me out your bullsh*t discussions
still love being the flyest at the sh*ttiest functions

[verse 2]
look at all the sh*t i encountered
i got big plays instead of announcements
i seen a snake get up and walk, i thought it would slither
stomp out the face [?] in the river
the realest n*ggas is the n*ggas that drive their n*ggas to old head
don’t come over, east the beast make you scared to go there
[verse 3]
and this was back when i started rapping to masses
wanted me to take an l (f*ck)
i told them b*st*rds that i’d never fail
i escalated to excel
i used to be f*cked up off of paraphanel*
shook off the third rail, ginger ale half frozen
i was dozin’ on the train but still chosen by females
all alone in this world was a great feel for real
all these n*ggas getting k!lled in my movies
i’m like trump i grab the game by the coochie
never could fool me, i’m clever and woozy
only my music could move me [?] sit next to the uzi
put it together for smoothie, it’s yours truly you goofy

[verse 4]
laffy taffy rappers always acting like they active
passive, asking them where’s the action (where)
yeah it’s passion until i decide to pass the tassel
grab the scalpel, travel past the gavel
bite the bad apple, do it ’cause i had to
sn*tch you, bad moon when i build my statue
back to back me and my soul tabernacle
[?] roll the credits, call the medics
calisthenics n*gga we about to set it
shoe fetish, the whole row look like lettuce
finger roll rings spelling out relish
selfish when i wanna be the only man up in your pelvis
baby i am very seldom
cerebellum felon grabbin’ melons
then i’m sitting back up on the couch with ellen yelling ah

- vic spencer текст песни