06.27.2020 – vividor noise текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[sample: b.b. king]
“what i wanna know now
is what we gonna do?”

[verse: mush mouse]
i’m just sayin’
super saiyan
i been prayin’
poe up like a raven
while i’m waitin’ impatient
i’m hesitatin’, this nation
so racist certain places
see the hatred on they faces
why we blazin’?
trump is satan
[whisper: “trump is satan”]
and i’m just sayin’
money chasin’
trumpets playin’
in a police state
and police keep statin’
they “ain’t feel so safe”
and raisin guns in the sun
lorraine and langston
is the pain too much?
got me numb, blowin’ up
dig dug, gettin’ funds
where i’m from in the dust
oil boom, oil bust
george bush, a dumb f*ck
give it up for the rattlesnake blood
wake and bake moon dust
zodiac off the cusp
k!lla bee on the drums
hit the green, smoke it up
til’ the swine roll up
every rhyme i bust
like a drug you trust
phonelines unplugged
sippin’ wine when i puff
in west tex
we used to play ball
and now we ball and parlay
across the lone star state
can’t wait, all y’all fall back
in the fog, all black*on*black
thinkin’ back trace d’s cadillac
in high school i was the mack
stayed strapped with that
ill lyrical contact
like a glock and a mask
that’s a 90s throwback
to the moon so black
triple six, project pat
nicklebag, dubsack
knapsack of that hash
we gon’ play hashtag
in the back of a slab
on the blow, on the pills
on the yak, on the herb
what’s the word on the purp?
make ’em swerve to the curb
for the dank that we serve
and that’s word
to that robert earl davis
i made this in a bas*m*nt
when the bass hit getcha wig split
fingertips on the bluntskin
talk sh*t, get hit
you morty, i’m rick
my d*ck so big, yo d*ck lil bits
and i take no sh*t
unless i’m on the porcelain
talkin’ politics
talkin’ war tactics
like we boot camp clik
i done this on a bid
from a mouse so modest
mush mouse in the house
speakin’ out like a prophet
ya can’t stop it

- vividor noise текст песни