2020 diss track – void (rapper) текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

i said f*ck 2020 man we all had enough of it
i was getting up in life now i’m back on my budget sh*t
i was getting up for work now i can’t find a f*cking shift
i’m squeezing on to sanity but that sh*t’s slipping out my grip
we going through hard times
where the f*ck’s the guidelines
it was just junior year now look i’m an alumni
now i’m eighteen getting tossed through quarantines
i’m seeing scars a bit too deep to be filled in with f*cking vaccines
who knew so much fear could be seen in a year
you can’t cry wildfires they evaporate tears
i’ve seen wars on the streets
i’ve seen wars on twitter
i see people talk stupid then stupid people get triggerеd
here’s to all of the working fathеrs and all of the working mommas
when you get your stimulus check but n0body’s checking on ya
and you dealing with the drama while you fighting for your lives
it was a thirteen hour line and they all out of ps5s
it’s a warzone they teabagging, my zoom call it started lagging
my teachers tell me i’m slacking, my wholiness turn to fractions
and i’m dealing with all this cr*p and i ain’t got no toilet paper
but we keep putting in the labor while getting sh*t on by these mayors
and i’m missing all of my friends but i’ll just have to see them later
i just stay up here in my room on my best behavior
and i’m stressing about my college debt i know it’s all a scam
f*ck your standardized tests man it’s all just part of the plan
of who going to be living that dream who living that nine to five life
so many masks i’m forgetting what a smile’s like
i said rip to kobe i said rip to von
i said rip to nate what the f*ck been going on
i said rip to george i said rip to bree
i’ve been saying rip so much i don’t know what it means
i said ayo 2020 man you need to backoff
we moving to the future time to take this f*cking mask off
bombs falling mom’s calling buildings burning no one’s learning
every single f*cking day is just another day of hurting
i said screw all this sh*t b*tch i’m done i’m moving on
i said f*ck 2020 now i’m on to ’21
i think we better than this
but they ain’t ready for this
politicians really trying to be telling me sh*t
but they ain’t smelling my sh*t
they said don’t worry it’s gonna get better than this
people be selling that sh*t
so i go takeover all of the time in this b*tch
365 now my sh*t
i just stole all of that b*tch
don’t care about your politics we going bounce of this sh*t
regain the confidence reform the competence
fill in the hollowness you cannot stop this sh*t
now we on top of this f*ck the apocalypse respread the opulence
recall the ambulance rebirth the ambience smoke all the cannabis
still stuck in calculus makes me feel blasphemous
dc the zoom call because i just ain’t having it
i’m screaming for this sh*t why the f*ck they say i’m choking
why the f*ck granny’s shop getting closed when walmart staying open
twelve months chop it up serve it back as rotten minced meat
now i’m p*ssed off 2020 boy you better keep your six feet

- void rapper текст песни