big basha’s – westside gunn текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

ayo, ayo, ayo, ayo (brr)
brr, brr, brr

ayo, brains everywhere, this sh*t was polarized (boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, ah)
glock next to my nest, balenciagas oversized
my third eye open wide, you know why (you know why)
drives van, known to bust a brick open
it came potent, keep your cell clean, remain focused (remain focused)
you can walk the ten down before you know it
told my lil’ n*gga, “you love the block now, but you’ll outgrow it” (ah)
cook ten bricks a day, my wrist motion
hands smellin’ like work right now, i gotta soak ’em (gotta soak ’em)
walls smellin’ like bleach (ah)
blood was everywhere, we was scrubbin’ all week (ah)
sippin’ ace bottles, watchin’ farrakhan speak
then it hit me (then it hit me), allah forgive me (allah forgive me)
went straight to the lab and spent three*fifty (skrrt)
my plain jane cost more than your bust down (ah)
elephant drum, hittin’ everything (brr), sh*lls spun ’round (brr, brr)
supreme universe, with you, allah, with you, allah
was it action*proof? tec just jammed, i bet the mac’ll do (brr, do, brr)

- westside gunn текст песни