20:48 freestyle – wevvss текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

came with ak i dont need shoelace
this bar go fast like some speed race
need some race care i ain’t talking no phase
poem goes deep i ain’t talking bout your grave
tick tock like clock i ain’t talking tiktok
sp*cescraft nasa dont really need dock
knock knock knock knock you really get knock
rock rock rock when you getting knock out

i’ve been on the way
i’ve been i’ve been on the way now
why you calling me
this sh*t ain’t enough yeah?
we are all the same
we just waiting for the same night
i dont know the day
i just know what our faith look like

call myself as a k!ller
your rap smell like a litter
100 bars im a hitter
youre too weak you quitter
my word taste so bitter
watch your mouth you cheater
b*tching on me on twitter
b*tching on me on twitter
always talk about myself
i dont need no help
my flow really came a long way
come and pick yourself
talking sl!ck sick
i think you need check your health ah
come and go yeah
like in a boat yeah

blowing out like a c4
i need more bars 44
need more sp*ce please shut the door

- wevvss текст песни