#1 take – wez (manchester) текст песни

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look, i thank the lord every time that i wake up
more time for a plan to get my cake up
ain’t got a girl cause’ that will end up in a break up
talkin’ bout macs but that’s just makeup
in my brain i got thoughts that i can’t explain
say they understand but they don’t know half the pain
on grind soon to take flights like paper planes
i’m tryna build my stack, i ain’t tryna make it rain
listen, i’m from the hill like william
tryna turn zero bags to a million
media talk about minor action but don’t give a sh*t bout these syrian civilians
nah i do this on my own like diy
all these man do is claim like ppi
i don’t do road cause i know i ain’t a bad guy
but i’m surrounded by pr*cks like cacti
look, i’m in a hood like an engine
swerve that girl cause’ she just wants attention
stressed out but i still don’t smoke a benson
gotta get this dough i can’t rely on a pension
nah, mula on my mind, everyday
i’m tryna get this skrilla like money may
i’m the hardest for my age, nuff said
all these man under me like a bunk bed
say your a badman, say your a shotta
say you whip it in the pot but you ain’t harry potter
see i’m moving like a lion and your moving like a nutter
say your bars hot but my bars hotter likeeee
my life you don’t know sh*t
i’m a real guy only real jiggers know this
focused on my wealth, ain’t time for a motive
all i want is bread, ain’t talkin’ bout hovis
chattin’ bout this and that, you ain’t done action
me i’m from longsight, my jiggas from anson
dressed in black they don’t do that for fashion
don’t want a terraced house, me i need a mansion
i’m genuine, yeah i am no copy
really out in the rain with n0body
can’t stay broke, i gotta get this dough
wanna stay close to p like q and o
i grind hard to provide for my fam
same time i’m tryna look fly, peter pan
i don’t smoke sh*t, ain’t got time for the can
but if i really do then it’s only in dam
chat about wez, best know i’m on a different level
tryna do good but i’m held tight by the devil
here in my hood, nah fam i ain’t settled
tryna progress but i’m held back, gary neville
guys hate every time i make motracks
on my ones and i’m just tryna make mostacks
young face with a wise mind like a old man
really outside in the cold like a snowman
i move low i ain’t about all the street guys
ain’t talkin’ kfc when i move streetwise
got big dreams and yeah i’m tryna make it out
no itv but man tryna take me out
money on my mind i ain’t thinkin’ bout a wifey
if i make my mum proud i don’t care if you like me
true say i rap, but i might sing still
gotta get this bread till i’m eating a kings meal (kingsmill)
started this rap now gyaldem are loving me
never call me vincent cause’ i don’t need no company (kompany)
saying your broke so how you floss that kenzo
and sh*t gets real then tell me where your friends go

- wez manchester текст песни