therapy battling (war dub) – wiley текст песни

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g tank production

[bridge 1]
some tell me i’m a one hit wonder
they don’t like me, no wonder
because i’ve been a part of two number ones, and a number two
and never chart places that i conjured up
i am over, also i am under
ground level above but not thunder
at this age i’ve mastered my flow
i keep it so tight i’m a star, don’t blunder

[verse 1]
william’s not a tit fake like silicone
i run up in your house for the o’s like, “gimme ’em”
ghetts don’t want it with the king from the east side
don’t want it with the king from meridian
p money couldn’t k!ll him off, i’ll finish him
goodz is a gr-ss, cold case is bigging him
man wanna get the title i got
but i go through the battles and spitters ain’t winning em
logan, please tell ghetts i’m a don for him
because he don’t speak up now it’s on for him
he’s not on the panel, no doubt
never gonna be, so what’s gone wrong for him?
it’s a fact you’re the shadow of kane, too
if you ever get an arrow and aim, you’re gonna miss it
don’t mind me, my name’s here, diss it
because i come back and reply, then i k!ll it

[bridge 2]
why? i’m winning, did from the beginning
i could’ve made money in the days of the shilling
i see a man spitting bars to a predator dude
in the video, what’s wrong with him?
it’s the wrong path, it’s the wrong riddim
it’s the wrong everything, i ain’t kidding
you look high in the vid like you’re pilling
and next you’ll be spitting a bar on loose women

[verse 2]
i’m way too fiery
took out your crew entirely
where are they now? inspire me
i can see em but they ain’t with you
shit’s real i ain’t hatin’ you, i’m just kylea
yo riley
k!ll a soundboy right now, so th’wall them fans admire me [?]
which wuss ‘a boi wan test me? [?]
check out the date and it’s like them are reaching expiry
yo, on the battlefield i am not a griever
got a heart in my chest cold like a freezer
go to war, no money in the pocket
it’s not about dough, cah i’m still a big achiever
they can be ghetts, rotten, goodz, double
i still know i’m gonna defeat ya
because after war you rest before war
you think i just do it as i smoke the reefer

[bridge 3]
who’s gone pop now? follow my footsteps
eskimo still dances around
better mind them tunes, don’t spoil on the hood rep
i knew you would part with the sound
so all of your talk was gas, but a good step
i still rate ya kid, you’re not a clown
but next time think before you get leery
because dot rotten i’ll spin you around, tell ’em

[verse 3]
i’m in the battle, and i battle to win win
you hear me spitting lyrics, i ain’t copying him him
blue notes out, yeah i’m stacking the pink pink
bars come flowing when i’m sipping my drink drink
more grime though and you’re lacking the imprint
you said a silly thing, get rid of the shin splints
i ain’t gotta care what a next of kin thinks
i will see em all at a festive shindig
when i’m winning i win big, gospel
one track mind like i’m living in a hostel
you can be hostile, look at where it got you
singing songs live free, it’s a pop tune
i do pop too, so you’re not alone bro
but this year i am gonna go solo
next year you man are gonna follow me again
when i grow more buds, i’m home grown talent

[bridge 4]
you man are just scared and i know so
don’t be though, goodz chats to the po-po
in his mind, bare thoughts of a bozo
tired face breddeh when i look into the photo
catch him, puffin on the firework snow-cone
yes, and it’s got man in a choke hold
i feel young, but i’m so old
i know i got better songs in my old rope

[verse 5]
you’ve got no hope, i’m the king here
tell a man that’s not gangster like sincere
i’ve been a king ever since any one of you have been here
ghetts be the best emcee?
you’ve got more chance of seeing a man with pink hair
that’s not a reality so i sit clear
and imagine who is
and in a flash, fam, it’s clear
i am the one who had a shit year
still got on the list with no wrist wear
no new wave, i didn’t do shit
still taught you a lesson in music
could’ve done 10 minutes with my eyes closed
keep on chatting like a psycho
too much to say on the riddim
when you leave this battle, you leave with no title

[verse 6]
why am i fighting for survival?
when i’m this good at what i do, no rivals
i got a skank in this tribal market in viral
i’ve been on a ten year cycle
no play ting i sprayed riddim on the vinyl
1210 spinning in a pattern never spiral
this year i’m gonna go pop
but i don’t mean idol
local, anywhere i go i get headline
i get it done and it’s way before deadlines
get it right, you are never gonna block me
i search for the dirt in your hair like a head lice
no kidding, no bredding
you can’t reach for the level
why you doing my head in?
i wanna hold back, allow them really
and then tomorrow it’s like, wiley, get him

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