079 – truelove remix – william truelove текст песни

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first part
[william truelove]
come and bounce it on me
come and bounce it on me
right nowww
you know i been flexing
you know i been flexing
right nowwwwwww
you better 079 me
you better keep it highkey
f****** in my nikesssss
come and run up on me slowly
i know i can get it so deep
i know you been so lonely
you been sooo lonelyyy
you been so lonely
come and bounce on it baby
you know you flexin when you riding with me yeah yeah
don’t you be resting when you riding me baby
i got the whip, come and drive my mercedes oooohhhhhhh
come run to the dance floor
wit you i never cancel
you so hot like hansel
training me like you denzelllllllll (training day)
i got my waysss yeah
you made your caseee yeah
let’s get it onnnnnnn yeah
let me love you like i do
aye aye
i want it simple
i keep it simple
you want no trouble
let me takeeeee
take you downnnnnnnnnnn
girlll youreeeee finneeeeeee
come aroundddddddddd
come sign on the lineeeeee
i’m true to youuuuuuuuuu
true to youuuuu
william came through
truelove for youuuuuuuu
second part
[william truelove]
079 me
079 me
079 me
079 me
count me and fight me
f*** me ride me
go crazy like me
bouncing it righttt
you my truelove and desire
i cant believe you’re my lady
ride my mercedes
you be my ladyyy
im been so wavy
taking my signs yeah yeah yeah
coming around yeah yeah yeah
o79 me
girl you know you can come through
079 me yeah yeah

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