1500 freestyle – wrxth текст песни

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[intro: katsu leviathan]
ohayo katsuki!

[verse 1: wrxth]
i wanna talk on da beat
jus like a panda u pausin da beat (paws on da beat)
allat talkin told dat f*ck n*gga shut up
mama got bread when i pick da sack up
i grab dat tac while i’m breaking her back up
relatives hacking i feel like a scammer
uh hol up his block what we damage
my n*ggas shootin we ball like a scrimmage
i’m watchin anime n*gga i’m chillin
ay is dat pack whatchu sellin?
i hang wit da weaboos i hang wit da felons
these bullets they crushin his vitals like melons
i got da shotties feel like catchin bodies
and i pop da molly body feelin gnarly
n*gga i’m broke and i ain’t gon lie if rappin dont work i’m robbin ya guy
don’t know which to shoot b*tch dis ball or da gun
don’t know which to smoke ya mom or dis blunt
after i f*ck b*tch get punt
do i give a f*ck or a d*mn which one?
austin got ar’s a capital gun
i’m also debatin bout f*ckin your mom
ak it(lyft) him like app on phones
used to be hoopin but now i want oz
i jus be thinkin too much no cap
u know bout big wrxth n*gga
u know i’m a zip tht n*gga
yea he ain’t got time for no b*tch ass n*gga
i got da team on my back luh n*gga
roll thru yo hood i’m a uber there n*gga
lookin like jordan how i’m shootin dat n*gga
uh i got da block b*tch
i got da block hot b*tch
feel like a cactus i can wit dem sticks
feel like a faucet i can wit dis drip
i feel like da swat team all in yo crib
and i got da glock beam aim at yo rib
huh repo gimmie yo sh*t
i put dat b*tch inna corner it’s trafficking i got da recipe gimmie da magazine
talk stupid his body rebrandin it
bag his ass up in da plane we gon package it
gotta big black d*ck like a limousine dats what these b*tches say when they get into me
glock f*ck his raw no vaseline
no h0m* n*gga dat d*ck gon be damagin
lemme stop playin happy hit it
dat b*tch don’t come thru watch natsu
i get high everyday i’m on da moon
told dat b*tch she was f*ckin wit a goon
akame go dumb how she grip onna blade
naruto bangin dat lead to da grave
natsu fairy tail b*tch dats gang
n*gga run up and his body we decimate
feel like a ladder dis gun bout to elevate him
passing these bullets facilitate
b*tch do what i say i ain’t bout to reciprocate
i eat da beat like a dinner plate
he talm bout bumpin his scary ass ran away
run up on me catch da mac today
i’ll hit his block or his b*tch i’m a contemplate
uh ay i’m jus sayin
poppin these pillys and f*ck what da doctor say

- wrxth текст песни