idgaf – wtf cynikal текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[hook] x4
people told me slow my roll
i’m screaming out f-ck that
i’m gon’ do just what i want
and there ain’t no turning back

[verse 1: wtf cynikal]
f-ck you hate me
your girl probably wanna date me
i don’t really give a d-mn though
i brush her off of my d-ck though
you eating that papa doughs
i’m eating that domino’s
f-ck that tombstone
domino’s costs too much though
you can call me cheap as h-ll
i really don’t give a f-ck
i get munchies every time
i get kush and roll it up
needa talk, talk your sh-t
i will make you eat a bullet
smoke some mo calm me down
maybe i don’t have to cool it
ain’t that some sh-t
i’m sick and tired of this bullsh-t
all around me surround me
and i see you trying to drown me
and all i hear is aye cynikal i love the way you rap
by the way can i get a verse out of love
old friends acting different when i’m coming up i don’t sell drugs
but i flip verse put em up
and they still have the nerve to ask me
like aye say man can you put snow on it
h-ll naw ain’t sh-t for free
get up off of me with your punk -ss
somebody cut my break lines
i dont stop just hit the gas
one thing that i live by

[hook] x 4

[verse 2: wtf cynikal]
i’m doing fifty in a sixty five
in the fast lane everybody p-ssing me by
i just wave hi when they drive by
they looking at me now all p-ssed off with a side eye
i’m kicking back like a sawed off
but i can set a mother f-cker on fire like a molotov
haters bugging so i lead off
i guarantee you that i’m ten times sicker than a flu cough
ain’t really much to talk about i know you heard it all
i made a million dollars and be balling yo
got new chains and new whips and got hoes
that fly planes in first cl-ss
to all that i say kiss my -ss
yip yip yeah but don’t get me wrong
if i had a mil i would still be on
the same kinda drugs that i’m on
acting like a rolling stone
haters better leave me alone
when i’m sh-tting on my throne
so much sh-t i deal with
d-mn i need a clone
so too bad i can’t ride around with my top down
i got me an old beat up truck and one driving that sh-t broke down
so i just smoke, drink, do a lot of drugs, and i give girls lotta hugs
i never gave a lotta f-cks, never gave a lotta f-cks

[hook] x 4

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