2004 (freestyle) – xatarius._ текст песни

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borderlands 2
face ass
oh my god

[verse 1]
yeah, 2004
i wasn’t even ready to born
am not ready
why the f*ck you want me in this world
pull a gun
now his numb
am not the only son
2 kids
too crazy
i was mad and fun
pull a water gun
thats f*ckin fun
am f*ckin short
lika f*ckin dwarf
playing basketball, go play with my d*ck
oh my god, she so thick, big tits
ay, am in trouble
trouble, b*tch i am trouble
you mean, b*tch i am mean
f*ck y’all ama leave
sleep, go to sleep
i will put you in the coma, ama put you to sleep
i will put you in the 8 feat under, f*cker
in the underground
c*ck sucker
lil b*tch
i was born
crazy, loco, why i am loco
ay, ay
i don’t wear necklace, cut his neck b*tch

ay, 2004
ay, 2004
ay, 2004
ay, 2004, ay
ay, 2004
ay, 2004
ay, 2004

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