100 down – xedrin текст песни

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tell me how your names famous but you ain’t famous
i still slid in my position as the state’s greatest
now you put a hundred down, i keep the stakes raising
but i’m tipping cows and hunting bounties
k!lling beats, while others stay grazing
got a hundred thousand on a record and you can’t break it
even when i got a lot of places in the city playing
you say “ooh he’s woozy” cause i’m buzzing, b*tch i’m feeling wasted
ooh he’s truly shooting for the k!ll
you better stay aiming
you might be famous but i’m infamous
i might have a hit * or miss
i got a theory
you saying you big bro you just a little fish
finna go out the window so i’m riddling
riddle wit misery bro, i’mma show you what a riddle is
listen b*tch, have you heard this kid that’s really k!lling sh*t
when i get on it i promise, i’m never missing hits
you can’t get close to me son, b*tch, i’m dangerous
you ain’t seen the most of me, umm, this just the little sh*t

only here to take payments
i’ll run you over on a track
that’s what a freight train is
and i ain’t know you
but it’s facts you ain’t the states favorite
i’ll overflow and make you crack just like a tank breaking
listen, i stayed patient when we said graces
i’m so ashamed i paved the way for all these fake faces
that’s going through fake phases
but listen, i can’t blame em
the only way you in the underground is cause that’s where your grave is
that’s why i’m asking you what you really know about it
it ain’t about the outcome it’s how you go about it
or if you cross some obstacles it’s how you go around it
i hardly got up to my feet, that’s how i know i’m grounded
if you want some beef
you better step up to the plate
won’t ever sleep until i’m in my dream state
man, i’m in too deep, i can’t even take a break
i’mma tell you when these motherf*ckers don’t deserve a place

my boy looking out for me when it comes to profit
he told me if i bodied you that he would send deposits
so i was shaking that sh*t out of you seeing if you really bout it
i really doubt it
no really, c’mon, be honest
you know this sh*t ain’t a competition
who you kidding?
i’m winning
just send the f*cking benjamin’s
i’m finished
just listen

- xedrin текст песни