03 silver mitsubishi – xiihab текст песни

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catch me in that 03 silver mitsubishi

when i need come thru for the lick
when i need to check these n-gg-s cause they talking slick
all about my time so you better check the wrist
talkin out to mouf you go have meet my fist
you faded off that henny only from a sip huh
but i can’t rock with sh-tty tolerance nuh
barely rod the wave that i invent uh
kicking it with fakes be damaging uh

catch me in that 03 silver mitsubishi
rolling in my coup tinted they don’t even see me
sippin heavy sh-t
while chasin with that figi
wait a couple months
xiihab on yo tv
yo b-tch hit my line only when she feeling freaky
she like the way talk now she begging just to keep me
no foreplay she don’t like to wait and tease me
get what i want and she like it when she please me

catch me in that 03 silver mitsubishi

catch me when i’m whipping in my hood
they wanna see you slipping when they see you eating good
goofy -ss n-gg-s tell me i ain’t really could
do what the f-ck i’m doing i done made em understood

barely sleeping from my appet-te
hungry with the munchies for a bite
slave away my youth i want a future n-gg-
this ain’t practice for no perfect or i blew the picture
this is real life baby i ain’t into false reality
count my blessings when i rise you know like automatically
i need every penny when they listen really actually
finna cop a crib no section 8 im talking practically

they don’t really get it bro
hokage after naruto
9 tails all up in my soul
call out with a doctors note
way too sick i’m the sh-t
who that boy who talking sh-t
yea that zakariya

catch me in that 03 silver mitsubishi

- xiihab текст песни