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[verse 1: dr. dre & snoop dogg]
still puffin’ my leaves, still f-ck with the beats
-am -lovin’ police (uh-uh)
still rock my khakis with a cuff and a crease (for sh-)
still got love for the streets, reppin’ two-o-o-o- -3 (for life)
still the beats bang, still doin’ my thang-
since i left ain’t too much-


[verse 2: dr. dre]
-triple platinum, doin’ 50 a week
still, i stay clo- -e heat
and even when i was close to defeat, i rose to my fee-ee-ee-ee-
-life’s like a soundtrack i wrote to the bea-ea-ea-ea-
-rap like cali weed: i smoke ’til i sleep
wake- -p in the a.m., compose a-

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