21st century luv – xombie текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

uh uh
uh ahhh

[chorus x2]
and i fell in love with the cash
i fell in love wit her ass
hop in the whip do the digital dash
but you dont rly see me like dat
feel like sonic imma run to the cash
big guap imma get to the bag
new coupe yeah it kinna fast
21st century love dont last

[verse 1]
n i been sippin on lean
dont wanna feel no thing
glock 9 hit u wit a beam
said i dont like her it hit her esteem
in my bag not talkin celine
she love me like what do you mean
these days i juh want me a freak
been hittin my shots n i feel like kareem

[chorus x1]

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