3dsboy08 diss-track – xxxsabercion текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

this is a diss-track on 3dsboy08
now that i think about, this is a diss-track on g-yboy69

yuh aye

get ready you hecking skid
3dsboy has a small pp
he can’t ever pay his anime fee, what are you doing watching too much anime?
sounds like i have something that i have to say, your mom is a g-y, your mom is a stray
hey, why you skidding off of raindrop aye
now you keep jerking off to hentai aye
hey bro why can’t you just stay
to be normal and not watch anime
qto be normal and not waste your money, to be normal and not have a weeb pfp, to be normal and not have a small pp aye
3dsboy is really g-y
3dsboy is not ok
3dsboy is a hecking skid
3dsboy is really hecking g-y


what are you doing instead of updating?
going on to roblox and online dating
why can’t you just switch your weeb ways?
anti-weebism will start to move in place
you are being really g-y
you are really not ok
you should go get a doctor to end your weeb days
actually no, he can’t cure your g-y
i guess your g-y will last forever, same with your weebness i got to pull the lever
to drop you into anti-weeb gas

3dsboy is a really g-y weeb
skidding off of exploits, stealing my sheep
3dsboy just don’t be a weeb
wait he can’t because he’s to g-y aye!

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- xxxsabercion текст песни