3hree7even2wo (feat. heyou) – yangvarg текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

three seven two
has made me what i am today
the land of darkness
where the skies are mostly grey grey
i could never say it gave me nothing
cause i got a lot
but you pay the price
if you f*ck around
i got lost in time
when i lost my mind
and the void inside will never let me feel alright
i have seen that dead stare in your eyes
like a thousand times before
people like you come and go
humans in a rat race
if you wanna win it
pick up the pace
what has been foretold to us
for the weight of the sins
an apocalypses awaits all our kin
with false kings and hands that move behind in shadows
pulling on the puppet strings
we will all be sacrificed for the willing of the cult
only few of chosen will survive
while we all get to experience the culling of the heard
into the meat grinder off we go
don’t worry i will die too
under the lovely skies of three seven two

death was creeping in the thoughts again
i dreamt about the murdering
of my own brain cells, give them all to hedonism
i won’t regret it, screamed my self esteem
a desert fit for a king
of disconnected souls
will it be us in the end
picking the ashes of this brave new world

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