3am texts – year won текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[hook | k-won]
yeah yeah yeah, 3am texting
yeah yeah yeah, 3am texting
yeah yeah yeah, 3am texting
you, my baby

yeah yeah yeah, 3am texting
yeah yeah yeah, 3am texting
yeah yeah yeah, 3am texting
you, you you, my baby

[babe lincoln]
red rock deli chips, snacking on my mattress
new flavours, same life, so none of it matters
taking 12 steps like i study paediatrics
but still falling for you, i guess i’m an addict

gotta go charge my camera (ooo)
need new pics to forget about you
battery cold like canada (ooo)
canon at the canyon, what else can i do

sumimasen, wakarimasen
trying to understand the state that we’re in
like are we just friends or something again
and why we always up at 3am

cos you’re gone but your words still lie on my chest
the bonds and the feelings i thought that we’d left
now it’s 3am texts and i’m scared of what’s next
will my head or your bed be more of a mess?

i know it’s 3am, i gotta go to sleep
your eyes, your smile, now all just memories
i lay there wide awake, i just can’t find a way
now let’s just turn back time…

i look into your eyes, i see you so bright
they call it cosmic, oh please no bullsh-t
green and firey g-gold ferrari
make up the time fire bat on bacardi

lock the phone, check the tone
my own reflection looking so cold alone
can’t handle this torn bits to bits
hey what you doing i told her this…


red lips, brunette, pretty blue eyes
mama loved you thought i hit the bullseye
i was too nice, never said no
so i never knew why you lied, you lied

tap tap tap, give me one more time
tap tap tap, one more chance tonight
sick of all the games, never wanna go back
now i’m looking for a new life (new life)

sipping on this liquor b-tch it’s 3am
burning photos like litter, never replace them
mayhem, didn’t wanna be a dirty sinner
so i’m praying amen, ame-

didn’t wanna see her i’m 3am texting
n0body could be her, yeah she was my blessing
dead inside, now i’m staring at the black mirror
i’m done flexing (i’m done)

you’re leaving while i’m sleeping
deep in my sleep
i feel like i’m dreaming
i’m dreaming of seven demons
couldn’t help but ask help from jesus (help from jesus)

peeling more as these cuts deepen
feeling more sick thoughts i’m bleeding
couldn’t care less snapchat streaking
leaving me you had 13 reasons


- year won текст песни