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Songtext von i do (freestyle) – yelawolf lyrics

подождите пожалуйста...

first of all make kings so don’t you be the gesture in my kingdome
hip hop’s like another old pair a shoes, i took a toothbrush n cleaned em
put em on rocked em to the mall
hopped into the car bout to sip home jimmy beamin
instead dropping the ball i got em all propt on the wall
like a broomstick leaning
then i put the chevy in cruise
n took everybody to ed-ckit school
listen up betty u said it wrong get a clue
it ain’t f-ck u,
its f-ck u!!
if u gonna fight then fight shirtless
u don’t ride a bike with sandals do ya
but given a f-ck is worthless
if it don’t mean nothin to ya
just getting warmed up
why does everybody look so perplex
if ur goin to do it then do it with a purpose
thats all n do it all till its perfect
funky i am, so funky i use my funk to stretch
why would u stretch with funk?
so i don’t pull a hamstring when i’m running circles around circus-ing clowns in my jeans
cause when i pull the trigger on a piece of paper i can hear the bullet in the studio
go ping ping
i can feel the breeze in my throat flowing, yes
look get the cheque book, go ching ching
bring bring me the money honey, yeah go go girl
why she telling me go go sing?

i take a trip down the road for ur soul
i’m not a vocalist but i got some vocal control
3.33 this ones for u n i hope that u know
we gonna shake this mother f-cker to both of us old
and to my babies far away out in puerto rico,
daddies out working but ur with me whereever we go,
momma’s ok, n plus we got us 3 beautiful souls,
an above it all i want ya’ll to see me as a hero,
no ego,
no ego,
this freestyle is a peephole
for people
for the people,
come inside,
take a seepo,
here we go,
no ego, no ego,
this crystall is a peep hole of people for the people, come inside, take a peek yo

- yelawolf текст песни