2k19 ft. vocabot-p – ykmb текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

“…yo this my 2k19 daily life started i got no cash, cash flow…”
“…aquarius broke me up again and again, huh…”
“…early months i was so broke got no love…”
“…rain on my face ii can’t with all these pain…”
“…bali boyz hit me like a michael wayne atha…”
“…yo this my 2k19 daily life started i got no cash…”

yo this is my 2k19 daily life started, i got no cash
cashflow in my bank account now started gettin’ slow
slow down homie i’m a man imma score a job i hope, but
i hopeless 24 companies declined my paper, b*tch i’m out
out from my zone then my girl broke me up
f*ck you girl, you need google to talk

early months i was so broke got no love
so lonely not much i can talk about it
no friends to talk, no cash to flex for
in my mothaf*ckin room i dreamt all bout it

turning 21 years*old on march dawg
lemme try this mothaf*ckin oldschool dawg
shout out to my homie vocabot*p
this is just the beginning of my story

bali boyz hit me like michael wayne atha
teach me how to skate from northpole like a santa
hold me tight like a hungry anaconda
red and white same colors our flag, no cap
r*i*p for my brother babybeel
god will bless you my homie for real
i miss you my brother right now this what i feel
keep my word i’ll forever keep our deal

y’all p*ssy indons gonna close your window
cause i’m like drose take a step back you weirdo
no clout chaser but don’t try to mess up with my crew or my mothaf*ckin name hoe
open the door on room 4
what u wait for, felt good chill up
i’m the mothaf*ckin sailor
yessir thanks god i met my lover
but not for long our love is over
it’s your choice and i can not take over
my indon kept me awake till i’m sober
but this story will be on my mind forever

aight lemme tell you story about my beautiful pain
3am jakarta you pick me up on the train
as always your pretty face makes me insane
god*mn i see the smile on your face that’s my baby girl
i kissed you when you slept baby you’re my pearl
i said “god please make her stay whatever happen”
when my brother left us for good baby you were my light
but everything changed in one night
everything we planned, everything we dreamed
all of these froze with the last toxic kiss
last time i kiss you on the lips
and i said baby call me tonight
i don’t know what happen to us so i call all my friends
bottle of red can’t calm my vein
rain on my face i can’t sleep with all these pain
pain in my heart i can’t feel my head again
she broke me up again and again
aquarius broke me up again and again
make me curious again and again
indon b*tch indon sh*t and again

- ykmb текст песни