3 am freestyle – yng casey текст песни

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“aight ”
look look
like b*tch tryna f*ck with me it won’t work
tryna f*ck with my dude lil b*tch yeah it won’t work
tryna f*ck with my g’s lil b*tch it won’t work
tryna f*ck with everybody in the house yeah it won’t work
lil b*tch you f*ckig annoying (ay ay)
lil b*tch you f*ckig annoying
tryna f*ck everyone in the house b*tch you annoying (yah ay look )
“yah” ok like b*tch stuck up in her plate “uh yah yah yah”
you don’t want to eat your plate like ok (yah)
get out of my house lil b*tch you annoying
you annoying us
you f*cking annoying us
ay its like 2:30 , 2:33 am
freestyle “yah ”
freestyle “yah”
ok like b*tch you so f*cking annoying
get out my house
tryna f*cking *******
lil b*tch you f*cking annoying
get out of my house before i hit you
get out my house before i hurt you
ok like
3 am freestyle you know what im saying you dig

- yng casey текст песни